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Our experts will help you decide on the size, shape and color of the balloons, as well as advise the most suitable options depending on your budget and preferences.

Similar questions

What happens if the recipient is not at home?

If the recipient cannot accept the delivery of the gift, our company provides the following actions


What should I do if the balloons burst after the courier left?

You need to take a picture of the balloons and send it to us on WhatsApp at +971-58-531-1583, as well as describe exactly what happened


What languages do your operators/managers speak?

Our managers speak English and Russian fluently


Are the balloons inflated upon delivery or do they arrive inflated immediately?

We deliver the finished product so as not to waste your time.


How many balloons can fit in a car?

Up to 30 helium balloons can be placed in the passenger car sedan in the back seat.


Is it possible to inflate my balloons?

We carefully monitor the quality of our products and cannot guarantee excellent results if we work with a product unknown to us.


What is HiFloat for?

HiFloat is a protective agent that extends the flight time of helium balloons. This tool is an aqueous solution of a special non-toxic plastic that looks like glue. It is absolutely safe, and if it gets on the skin, it is easily washed off with water. While drying inside the latex balloon, HiFloat forms a protective layer - a film that helps to keep the helium inside. This protective layer significantly extends the time during which the lift force of the latex balloons is maintained. With HiFloat treatment, latex balloons stay in the air for 24 hours or more, instead of 6-12 hours without treatment.


Do you use balloons made of organic materials?

Latex balloons decompose from several months to 4 years (it depends on the quality of the balloon and the environment in which it appeared: for example, in an aqueous environment without contact with oxygen, this process proceeds more slowly than in air)


Do you participate in collaborations with bloggers and well-known brands?

Yes, we actively participate in collaborations with bloggers and well-known brands.


Do you do charity work?

Our company is engaged in charity work, we help orphans and children from low-income families.


How high will the helium balloon fly?

A helium balloon can rise to a height of up to 30 kilometers


If you order gel balloons, what will be their lifting force?

If you plan to lift small structures into the air using helium balloons, be careful.


Is it possible to use smoke for gender parties in the UAE?

The use of smoke at gender-specific parties may be limited depending on the specific location and the events held there.


What are the advantages of balloons over other decorative elements?

Balloons are one of the most affordable and versatile decorative elements.


How long does it take to inflate a balloon with helium?

About 1-2 minutes


What technologies are used in the manufacture of balloons to increase their durability?

Various technologies are used in the manufacture of balloons, which make it possible to increase their durability and durability


What factors influence the prices of balloons?

The prices of balloons are influenced by the following factors:


Why do helium balloons have different prices?

It all depends on what material the balloon was made of.


Do you have a retail store?

Unfortunately, we do not have a retail store yet


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