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About us

What we do

Balloons are loved all over the world.
It's joy, it's magic, it's emotions and energy, they lift the mood, give smiles and transform the space!
Ksenia Bidus Ksenia Bidus

CEO Bemyballoon

Our mission

Bemyballoon is an online store where we offer everything you might need to make your special events more memorable. We have over 2000 products on our website, including party supplies, balloons, fresh cakes and cupcakes, custom flowers and decor for rent.

We promptly deliver all our products that we offer to Dubai and other emirates seven days a week. All you have to do is place an order on the website and enjoy the party.

Love of details

We are happy to implement your ideas in preparation for the holiday to make it unforgettable and stylish. We put our whole soul into every order to satisfy your desires. We are convinced that our work is an art, and we are ready to devote all our time and efforts to achieve the highest degree of happiness and satisfaction for you. We always try to create a special atmosphere using unusual color solutions, style, as well as creative and individual approach.


Each employee has their own talent and identity. The Bemyballoon team is a story about how the uniqueness of each individual person is combined into one big, unified, incredibly beautiful whole. We really love what we do, we are constantly improving and every day we make a holiday out of an ordinary day!

We are online and ready to help 😌
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