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On our website there is a section with photo zones for rent, which contains compositions of various themes - birthday, gender parties, weddings and other events.

Similar questions

What events and holidays are popular for ordering balloons in our region?

The following events and holidays for which balloons are ordered are popular in the UAE:


Can I get advice on choosing balloons for a specific event?

Yes, of course.


Do you go to the site for measurements?

Yes, before installing large compositions of balloons, we go to the site for measurements


Do you offer services for decorating rooms with balloons?

Yes, we specialize in the complete design of turnkey events.


Can I rent photo zones?

Our company offers backgrounds and racks for rent.


What size balloons are suitable for use at wedding ceremonies?

Balloons ranging in size from 12 inches (about 30 cm)


Do you have the opportunity to order balloons for state events or holiday parades?

Yes, we provide balloon manufacturing and delivery services for state events and holiday parades.


Which balloon designs will look the best in the interior of a gym or fitness center?

Balloons of bright colors, with the image of sports symbols or motivating inscriptions, are suitable for the interior of a gym or fitness center


Can I use balloons in a room with low ceilings?

Yes, balloons can be used in rooms with low ceilings


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